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Surgical Abortion Near Washington, PA

Allegheny Reproductive Clinic serving Washington, PA provides two methods of abortion: an abortion pill and surgical abortion. You can get a surgical abortion between 5 and 23.6 weeks in a pregnancy, if you are past 12 weeks, you are required to get a surgical abortion. Surgical abortion is a safe procedure available for First and Second Trimester patients and our staff will walk you through every step.

A surgical abortion is an outpatient procedure can be performed while awake, with Valium, or under conscious or IV sedation. If you are in your first trimester (5-14 weeks), a surgical abortion procedure typically takes 10-30 minutes depending on how far along you are. If you are in your second trimester (14.1 – 23.6 weeks), a surgical abortion procedure typically takes 5-8 minutes depending on how far along you are. No matter the first or second trimester, Allegheny staff will be with you through every step of the surgical abortion.

Why should someone choose an abortion pill over a surgical abortion? The surgical abortion procedure is usually over in less than 10 minutes and the failure rate of a surgical abortion is less than 1%. A surgical abortion can be done farther along in the pregnancy than an abortion pill. With a surgical abortion, there’s less bleeding than with an abortion pill, with a surgical abortion there is also less time spent cramping than with an abortion pill.

A surgical abortion is a safe and effective way to end a pregnancy. After a surgical abortion, depending on your trimester and choice of pain management, you will rest for for 30-90 minutes with our staff. Our staff will provide ibuprofen for any remaining discomfort and will also provide food and drink while monitoring your vitals after the surgical abortion procedure. Our staff will also provide you post-procedure instructions, to prevent any future discomfort from the surgical abortion procedure.

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