What To Expect – Information and Instructions

What To Expect – Information and Instructions

We understand that you may be nervous and uncertain about what to expect on the day of your procedure. The information below will explain the process so that you’ll be more prepared and hopefully more at ease.

On the day of your procedure, please plan to be here up to 6 hours. If you’re bringing a guest, please prepare them also. Although the procedure itself may take a matter of minutes, there is paperwork to complete, routine lab work, counseling, and normal waiting time.

Before you enter our building, you may see individuals or small groups standing near the facility who are protesting against abortion. It can be intimidating and make you feel nervous and yes, angry! Unfortunately, we cannot prevent them from coming. The City of Pittsburgh however, has a Medical Safety Zone ordinance that makes it illegal for any person to picket, patrol, congregate or demonstrate within 15 feet of the entrance to a medical facility. Assisting patients and other persons to enter or exit a hospital, medical office or clinic is permissible if it does not include any action or signage in the form of picketing and demonstrating..

What this means is that anyone who shows up at our clinic to demonstrate cannot come within 15 ft. of our entrance. They are also not allowed to block the sidewalk or touch you. Unfortunately, we cannot prevent them from trying to talk to you on your way to and from our facility. It is best to just continue walking and not engage them in a discussion. If any of the protestors follow you or touch you, please tell us so we can monitor the protestor and, if you wish, help you file a police report with the City of Pittsburgh. We have volunteer escorts every Saturday who, with your permission, will accompany you as you walk down the sidewalk to our entrance. You will know them by their bright t-shirts/vests and the words, Pro-Choice Escort. They are trained to be helpful and are there for you.

When you arrive at our door you’ll be greeted by our security screener. He/she will confirm your appointment by asking your name and viewing your photo identification. If you’re bringing a guest, we must have their name in advance and they must provide photo identification. Please click here to read more about Clinic Security and Screening Procedures .

Upon entering, you will register and leave a urine sample. You’ll be asked to complete several forms and read all necessary consents. Payment will be collected after the pregnancy has been confirmed. .

A counselor will meet with you to review the forms, address any concerns or questions related to the abortion, and discuss birth control options. Our lab technician will then perform routine urine and blood tests before you’re seen for the abortion procedure.

After a surgical abortion, you will rest in our Observation area 30-90 minutes depending on how far you were in the pregnancy and whether you received sedation. Before discharge, you‘ll receive verbal and written instructions and a phone number for our 24-hour answering service.

If you’ve chosen the medication abortion, you will be given instructions, an appointment for your follow-up ultrasound, and a phone number for our 24-hour answering service before you leave the clinic.