What Our Patients Have To Say.

Words from Our Patients

The following comments are from our patients. We hope that hearing from women who have received their care at our facility will help you in selecting a provider at this most important time.

"So much better than Planned Parenthood. The women are completely amazing. They make you feel so comfortable and much better about everything." Received 7/16

"I was surprised by how amazing the staff was. Everyone was so kind and sensitive and made me feel welcomed and at ease." Received 6/16

"Allegheny Reproductive Provides women the basic reproductive options many individuals try to take away. They made me comfortable and secure in my choice. The staff is beyond great!" Received 6/16

"All of ARHC's staff was supportive and respectful throughout this entire process. I definitely recommend this clinic" Received 6/16

“Every single person, from receptionist to doctor, was extremely kind, gentle, caring, and supportive.  I would like to thank the entire staff of Allegheny Reproductive from the bottom of my heart for making a traumatic and scary situation feel so much easier.”  Received 9/15

“I want to thank my counselor, staff in the recovery room, and doctor for their excellent care.  Excellent medical care should always look like that.  Thank you very much!”  Received 9/15

“The staff was extremely helpful and comforting.” Received 9/15

“I was very nervous when I arrived and very soon after I was put at ease by your staff.  I was a much better experience that I expected.  I felt very safe and taken care of.”  Received 7/15

“I went in feeling extremely nervous about the procedure, but everyone was so nice, calm, and reassuring.  IV sedation worked great.  No pain and I feel so relieved.  Excellent staff and doctor.”  Received 6/15

“Everyone was very nice and explained everything to you all the way through.”  Received 6/15

“My experience at Allegheny Reproductive was an experience I will never forget.  Every single person was helpful in their own way, from the receptionist to the doctor.  I’m glad I came here.”  Received 6/15

“This clinic was a very clean, professional environment.  The location was convenient and private.  I would recommend this place to friends or family.”  Received 5/15

“Absolutely amazing place!  Everyone was so kind.  Everyone listened to my blubbering and crying all day!  From the initial call to my final walk out the door, was more than expected!”  Received 5/15

“Everyone was very nice and understanding.  Made me feel comfortable.  The procedure was very quick.” Received 5/15

“My experience was absolutely perfect.  I am squeamish when it comes to needles, but everyone was patient and understanding.  I had sedation and woke up with zero pain.  I had a light snack and was ready to go!  Definitely recommend others to come here if need be.  Everyone was kind and professional.”  Received 5/15

“When you choose to go through with such a difficult procedure, it helps to have a supportive staff! Not once did I feel like anyone was judging me.  This place is comfortable.”  Received 5/15

“My experience was pleasant.  Everyone is so nice here and make you feel comfortable and that you made the right decision for yourself.  I appreciate the staff here.  Thank you for everything!”  Received 5/15

“Great service!!”  Received 5/15

“Very calm, comforting, polite people.  They love their patients and are very professional and friendly.”  Received 5/15

“Everyone was very friendly and all made me feel comfortable.”  Received 5/15

“The Allegheny Reproductive Health Center conducts itself with the upmost professionalism, from my initial phone conversation to recovery.  All my concerns about the procedure were assuaged when I began to communicate with center’s exceptional staff.”  Received 4/15

“This was one of the most difficult decisions of my life.  My experience at ARHC couldn’t have been better.  I was greeted with support and kindness beginning at my initial call, to my walk from my car, and through the time I left.  Thank you fall for taking such good care of me at a time when caring for myself felt impossible.”  Received 2/15

“Very nice and friendly.  Thank you for all you support there and making me feel as comfortable as possible.  Thank you.”  Received 1/15

“Awesome staff!  Very kind and caring people.  Make everything less stressful as possible.  They’ll make you feel right at home.”  Received 1/15

“All of the staff are caring, loving, and very sweet.  I appreciated how well they took care of me and welcomed me.  Thank you very much Allegheny reproductive Health Center!”  Received 1/15

“Everyone was very friendly and helpful. Made me feel at ease even though I was nervous.  They are great!!”  Received 12/14

“They were all great.” Received 12/14

“Everyone at this clinic was so kind and helpful.  They all made the experience easier and I did not feel ashamed in any way.  Very thorough and a pleasant experience considering the circumstances.  Thank you all very much.” Received 12/14

“This place is amazing.  My procedure was quick and virtually painless.  It was over before I knew it and I felt fine immediately afterwards.  Thank you so much for being so wonderful.”  Received 12/14

“Everyone from the moment I walked in made my visit here comfortable, made me feel safe, and made me realize it was a good positive choice for my life.  That if you are not ready, it is okay.  You may be someday.”  Received 12/14

“I was treated with so much respect.  I did not feel judged at all.  Everything was explained to me, so there were no surprises.  I was made to feel at ease.  I am extremely impressed with Allegheny Reproductive.”  Received 11/14

“They made me feel as comfortable as possible, and the counseling service helped make my decision easier.” Received 11/14

“I am such a nervous person, I never thought I could make it through this. But all the women and the doctors were so kind and compassionate, it made the day go by so smooth and fast.  There is not one ounce of judgment once you step inside the door.  I would not change my experience there for anything.  They are truly caring and amazing people.  I give them all the thanks in the world.”  Received 11/14

“I was very comfortable and appreciate how helpful all the staff were.  Thank you so much!”  Received 11/14

“I absolutely love everyone here.  They are all so nice and helpful.  I’m so thankful that I chose this place.  They are wonderful.”  Received 11/14

“Behind every door is a little more compassion at a time when you need it the most.  It’s like every staff member eases a little more of your grief.  It wasn’t the traumatic experience I thought it would be.”  Received 11/14

"All of you were so kind and I can't tell you how much more relaxed I feel now. This was a much better experience than I ever imagined it could be. Thank you all from the bottom of my heart. Take care everyone :-)" Received 10/13

"The staff is very kind and understanding and was helpful will all questions when I made my appointment over the phone. 'Judgement free' environment." Received 10/13

"Very professional, kind, and courteous. Good atmosphere. All staff was smiling." Received 9/13

"I am thankful for all of your kindness, care and support. You all did an amazing job at creating and facilitating a positive experience for me when I did not believe one was possible." Received 12/12

"I am very pleased and impressed with the services. The staff and the doctor were very empathetic and considered all my feelings." Received 11/12

"Everyone here was very professional, helpful, and very kind. Everyone took time to explain the full process from setting up an appointment through recovery. Thank you for providing this service and making it safe." Received 11/12

"I loved the atmosphere. Everyone was so helpful and polite." Received 9/12

“Allegheny Reproductive is an amazing place. They made me feel I was not alone, comfortable, and completely supported by the staff that I don’t even know during the hardest time of my life. They truly care about their patients and make them feel at home. They not only changed my outlook on abortion, but my life as well. Their only intention is to help women. Thank you so much, I will be forever grateful for all of the staff of Allegheny Reproductive.” Received 8/12

“I was nervous to make my ARHC appointment, but after my initial call I knew that I was in great hands-and I was! I was treated with respect, love, and compassion. Everyone you meet at ARHC will treat you amazingly. Every step of the day is fully explained. Worry disappears as soon as you check in. If you are looking for a caring staff who will walk you through everything and take your fears away, please choose ARHC.” Received 4/12

“As difficult as I thought this experience would be I was very surprised at how professional, compassionate and educated the entire staff was. Allegheny Reproductive is certainly a phenomenal place to have procedures of this nature because they have an understanding of women’s feelings, both emotional and physical. I’d recommend this place to anyone considering abortion/terminating a pregnancy!” Received 3/12

“I contacted ARHC scared and nervous to get an abortion. From the first phone call, to the escort to my car, I was completely comfortable. I chose to have an abortion because it was the right choice for me at this time in my life. If you are scared come to ARHC, the staff is loving and caring and will make you feel at ease.” Received 2/12

“I’m glad I chose this specific clinic to come to. They made me feel very comfortable as if I was at home, showed me a lot of care and respect. I really appreciated how well the whole staff workers did their jobs and helped me get through my situation.” Received 1/12

“The decision to end a pregnancy, for whatever reason is one that can weigh heavily on a woman. I found the staff at this facility so helpful, comforting, and warm that my fears and anxieties were eased. It was as pleasant as such an experience can be and I’m thankful that I chose ARHC. I would recommend this facility to any other woman who chooses this path for themselves.” Received 11/11

“The work here done by this particular group of people is exceptionally great, and they should be proud of what they do because thanks to them I do not have to worry anymore. I can now go on with my normal life.” Received 11/11

“When we decided abortion was the route we wanted to take, my heart and head was in shambles. From the moment I first spoke with Libbi on the phone to my footsteps out the door, I never felt so comfortable. The way they comforted me and respected my decision about everything was amazing. I cannot thank every single person enough. The BEST experience I’ve encountered under such a difficult situation.” Received 9/11

“ARHC made a difficult day much easier. The staff was incredibly supportive and made me feel very comfortable. I appreciated their staff and they made the experience much better than I imagined it would be.” Received 6/11

“This was a very difficult time for me, as it is for any woman making this decision. From my initial contact and throughout the entire process, the women at ARHC provided me with the caring, non-judgmental support that I needed. The staff is intelligent and insightful and ensured that I knew what to expect every step of the way. I am feeling stronger in my decision and am happy to have found them.” Received 4/11

“I would highly recommend ARHC to anyone considering an abortion. From the moment I called to schedule my appointment until leaving the clinic after my abortion, the staff there made me feel safe and cared for. I would also like to reassure any woman who is going to ARHC for an abortion. I was so scared before my procedure but I can honestly say it was over with so quickly I couldn’t believe it. Waiting for the abortion was more difficult than the procedure itself. I was able to breathe through the procedure which was way shorter that I thought. I was able to sit up and walk right afterward, and I even thanked the doctor for helping me. I can’t begin to express my gratitude for the staff at ARHC. Thank god women have a place like this, with warm and caring workers, to turn to on such a difficult day. Thank you for being there and for giving women the right to make their own choice.” Received 2/11

“The staff is extremely kind and cares about your fears, concerns, and feelings. I’m glad they stayed with me the whole time, it made a very hard day less painful.” Received 12/10

“Thank you so very kindly for all of the support and kindness offered during my visit. I have never been extended such excellent and accommodating health care and of course without judgment. Your entire staff should be commended.” Received 11/10

“I though ARHC really cared about their patients and made them feel as comfortable as possible. It’s a very clean place with a great staff!” Received 8/10

“The staff here made the most difficult decision I’ve ever made much easier. They were very pleasant and comforting. I felt comfortable and not judged. If I ever had to come back, they’d be my first choice.” Received 8/10

“You could not choose a more supportive environment for your procedure. You will be taken care of from the front door to recovery by friendly, caring people.” Received 6/10

“My experience here really couldn’t have been any better. The girls were so polite, I was so comfortable here it was really great honestly and I would recommend any woman in any situation to come here because here you are not judged at and you are a person, a woman, and a strong woman at that! Thank you so much for giving me a great experience in this kind of situation. I feel so much better about myself!” Received 5/10

“The decision is never easy for anyone to make whether if you have had children or none. But when the choice is there and the counseling of the staff here educates you on the options you will feel more comfort. The beginning of something doesn’t mean it will be the best ending. The ending of something can be the beginning of something else more wonderful.” Received 5/10

“I was very scared at the beginning, because I’d never went through something like this before. But the staff at ARHC makes you feel like part of the family. The care is great and you are in good hands. I found out there is no need to be scared. You are safe at ARHC!” Received 3/10

Our experience as an abortion provider since 1975 tells us that the majority of women feel a sense of relief after their abortion and do not suffer any lasting negative emotional effects of any kind. Indeed, many find the decision-making process empowering. Resolving the issues posed by an unplanned pregnancy requires courage, and may become a defining moment in a woman's life. It may be the first decision she ever makes on her own. It may be the first time she takes responsibility for her own life and future. Many women seeking abortions are already parents--at Allegheny Reproductive 55%--and are motivated by a desire to meet their existing parental responsibilities. Whatever decision a woman ultimately reaches, many report a sense of growth and strength for having.

It is also our experience, however, that some women go through great difficulties in coping with their decision to have an abortion. The process can lead to feelings of guilt, conflict, apprehension or anxiety prior to the abortion, feelings which may linger after the pregnancy is terminated. For some women, it can even be a very disturbing or even tragic event.

>However, we remind women that there is no proof of so-called "Post Abortion Stress Syndrome" (PASS), and that neither the American Psychiatric Association nor the American Psychological Association recognizes PASS as an official diagnosis. Even former Surgeon General C. Everett Koop, an acknowledged opponent of abortion, concluded in 1989 that "severe psychological reactions after abortion are infrequent and minuscule from a public health perspective". More recent studies reflect similar findings.

Because we do appreciate the potential gravity of the decision, our masters level counselors talk to every woman individually and will even counsel her partner or parent should the woman or guest request it. Providing compassionate medical care, expert knowledge, and emotional support are the basis of our philosophy for not only providing abortions but also pointing women toward the pathway to emotional recovery. Because we know that the best predictor of a woman's emotional well-being after an abortion is her emotional well-being prior to the abortion, we offer a supportive, non-judgmental environment that allows each woman to explore her feelings regarding her abortion decision. Using a variety of counseling techniques, we explain to women all of their options, help them understand and achieve confidence in their own judgment, and address any circumstances that could be detrimental to their long-term well-being. For those women needing more help, we offer a variety of approaches.

Finally, we welcome feedback from the women and men we have counseled through the years, whether or not they ultimately chose abortion. We are always interested to hear how we helped or what we could do better.

Adapted from National Coalition of Abortion Providers position paper on Post Abortion Emotional Health, 2003.