Pain Management

At Allegheny Reproductive Health Center we want to help control any pain or discomfort you might have during your abortion. For that reason, we have several different options for you. Rest assured that, whatever your choice, we will do our best to alleviate both your pain and your fears.

IV Sedation ~ Allegheny Reproductive Health Center is the only clinic in the region that offers this level of sedation. Unlike "sedation" that is given by injection at other outpatient clinics, you will receive medication through an IV to keep you comfortable, relaxed, and pain free during the procedure. You will also have little or no memory of the surgery. The anesthesia medications take effect and also wear off quickly. When the procedure is over, you awaken rapidly and are discharged to our Observation room. IV sedation is given and monitored throughout the procedure by our CRNA(certified, registered nurse anesthetist).

Local Anesthetic ~  A local anesthetic numbs just the area where the procedure is taking place. This means that your cervix will be anesthetized (numbed), but because you will be awake, you will feel cramping.  All patients receive a local anesthetic as standard procedure.

Valium ~  If you plan to be awake but anticipate feeling nervous and anxious, Valium, an anti-anxiety medication can be given shortly before the start of the procedure. Valium is not a pain medication but may help to relax your body making the procedure more tolerable.

In order to receive either Valium or IV sedation, you must have someone accompany you and remain at the clinic until you’re ready for discharge.