Promoting Emotional Health

Allegheny Reproductive Health Center trusts women to understand the complex nature of abortion and we support their ability to make this difficult, moral decision for themselves. We also understand that deciding whether or not to bring a child into the world can be so monumental as to define a woman's future and, therefore, it is normal to have both positive and negative feelings during the decision-making process.

Our experience as an abortion provider since 1975 tells us that the majority of women feel a sense of relief after their abortion and do not suffer any lasting negative emotional effects. This decision-making process can be empowering for many women. It may be the first decision a woman makes on her own that affects her own life and future. Resolving the issues posed by an unplanned pregnancy requires courage and may become a defining moment in a woman's life. Many women seeking abortions are already parents and are motivated by a desire to meet their existing parental responsibilities. Whatever decision a woman ultimately makes, many report a sense of growth and strength for having reached an honorable decision made in good conscience.

This is not to say that some women do not have difficulty coping with the decision to have an abortion. There can be factors unique to that person’s life or circumstance that result in feelings of ambivalence, conflict or guilt during the decision making process and after the pregnancy is terminated. We want women to feel safe in discussing and addressing any concerns that could be an obstacle to healthy coping.

Because we do appreciate the potential gravity of the decision, our masters level counselors meet with each woman individually and will even counsel her partner or parent should the woman or guest request it. Providing compassionate medical care, expert knowledge, and emotional support are the basis of our philosophy for not only providing abortions but also pointing women toward the pathway to emotional recovery. Because we know that the best predictor of a woman's emotional well-being after an abortion is her emotional well-being prior to the abortion, we offer a supportive, non-judgmental environment that allows each woman the opportunity to explore her feelings and options and reach a decision that is right for her.