About our Practice

Established in 1975, Allegheny Reproductive Health Center is a private outpatient clinic licensed by the Pennsylvania Department of Health. We are also a member of the National Abortion Federation. Our staff consists of board certified, licensed gynecologists, registered nurses, certified registered nurse anesthetists, health technicians, and master’s level counselors. We are committed to offering excellent health care with emphasis on each individual’s particular needs and life style. Allegheny Reproductive trusts women to understand the complex nature of abortion and we support their ability to make this difficult, moral decision for themselves.

Allegheny Reproductive Health Center, Inc. is committed to maintaining the highest standards in the provision of medical care and emotional support to women coping with pregnancy decisions. Patients can expect a supportive environment that is both non-directive and non-judgmental. Advocacy is valued as highly as the delivery of a full- range of reproductive health care and counseling services. All services are made available to women, men, and families. Community outreach, dissemination of birth control information and supplies, and patient education are important components of Allegheny Reproductive Health Center’s commitment to women freely and knowingly making informed decisions regarding their bodies.